Hot Tub Start-Up Kit


Convenient TOTE with Most Popular Dazzle Products for Bromine Hot Tub Care

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This convenient TOTE with handle comes with the most popular Dazzle products used in hot tub care. For Bromine users. It contains; 1) Bromine Tablets (800 g), 2) Bromine Granules (700 g), 3) Stain & Scale 1 (750 mL), 4) Stain & Scale 2 (750 mL), 5) Amaze (900 g), 6) Botanical Cleanse (750 mL), 7) TA+ (750 g), 8) pH+ (700 g), 9) TH+ (650 g), 10) Water Sample Bottle. All the products you need to start-up and maintain your hot tub with Bromine as the sanitizer. The Dazzle Hot Tub Care System is easy to follow, highly effective and friendly to use.


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