Parts and Service

No Matter Where You Bought It We Can Fix It

Let us take care of your hot tub and swim spa parts, repairs, and service

We have been installing and servicing hot tubs and swim spas in Ontario for over 10 years. We care for your hot tub, swim spa, and related outdoor products from the day you purchase it through installation and every day thereafter.

Our factory-trained technicians are an elite team of extensive and continuously trained specialists dedicated to providing you with the best service experience in the industry and keeping all of your maintenance requirements current and up-to-date. Our technicians are required to maintain and expand their knowledge to keep up with the latest innovations and changes in the hot tub industry. They know their stuff and share our commitment to your satisfaction!

In most instances, your hot tub or swim spa can be repaired on the spot. One trip should do the trick – saving you time and money.

It doesn’t matter what the make or model of your hot tub or swim spa…we have what it takes for you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the things that matter…give us a call today!

Hot Tub & Swim Spas Services

Our service specialists are dedicated to giving you the most enjoyment from your hot tub or swim spa for life. Our team services all makes and models of hot tubs and swim spas and we stock a complete inventory of parts for Hydropool products as well as other popular manufacturers. We handle full installations; full repairs (when and if needed) including replacement parts, leak analysis and repair as well as issues with heaters, spa packs, and pumps.

Our water care services address maintaining proper chemical balance, hot tub and swim spa openings/closings, winterization, and drain, clean, and fill processes. We carry a wide selection of the finest Dazzle chemicals for both fresh and saltwater applications. You have the option of adding them yourself or arranging regular maintenance visits from our specialists. As part of our maintenance programs, we test and treat your hot tub or swim spa on a prescribed schedule to keep maintenance minimal and you worry-free. We provide FREE water analysis in-store at all times so drop by with your water sample and we’ll give you the optimal recommendation to maintain the water clarity and balance for your hot tub or swim spa.

We also carry a huge line of needed and optional accessories and we’re always happy to order or customize replacement hardcovers.

Finally, if you’re thinking about relocating your hot tub or swim spa to another corner of the yard or to a new home, we do that too!

Did you know that not all hot tub issues require a service person to visit your home? Sometimes problems are just simple fixes that you can handle yourself. Why not give our service department a call to find out if your hot tub issues are the kind that you can repair yourself?

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